Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tallulah's Wooden Box

Tallulah found a wooden box beneath a lemon tree
and peeked inside a little hole to see what she could see.
Perhaps a head, a spider's web, cream cheese turned green with fluff,
a rotten shoe that pongs of pooh and other yucky stuff.

But then there came a mighty BOOM, Tallulah left the floor,
sucked up inside like marmalade through one enormous straw.
And there she sat inside the box, a year, a week, a day
until by chance a Raggy passed and asked her out to play.

Two-by-two and hand-in-hand they wandered far and wide
through trees and seas and monsters' fleas to see what they could find.
They sailed to the west in a rhino's vest through waves of mallow flump
then rode on the nose of a Flibbermajig inside a camel's hump.

And did they squeal with joy and glee to find a gush of goo
where bugs and slugs on woolly rugs whizzed past them two-by-two.
But in this gloop a Snagtooth lived, a mean and nasty beast
with hairy jaws and three-feet claws, awakened for a feast.

Soon it smelled Tallulah's socks (by now they really stunk)
and rumbled forth like thunderclouds to find this tasty skunk.
It prowled and lurked and tiptoed close, (its heart was beating fast)
and waited for the moment when Tallulah hurtled past.

Then in a FLASH, the Snagtooth pounced and opened up its chops,
Tallulah vanished down its throat and landed with a PLOP.
And there she sat inside its tum a year, a week, a day,
until one night the Snagtooth sneezed and blew her clean away.

And into space Tallulah flew past Saturn, Mars and Moon,
where she grabbed the tail of a galleon whale, sailing by in a wooden spoon.
And on she travelled fast and far through rainbow sherbet skies
until she spied a giant ring of pancake-flavoured ice.

"Mmm-mmmm" she cried, and took a bite that filled her to the top
then guzzled down another chunk . . . she simply couldn't stop.
She bloated, swelled and bulged in size then much to her dismay
she roly-poly’d with a splash into the Milky Way.

But in this ooze of milk and whey, a famished Grobble feasted,
crunching, grinding all that passed into tiny bite-size pieces.
And soon it spied Tallulah's bum (by now it was a whopper)
and groffed and growled, and whooped and howled: "I want it for my supper."

Tallulah, (quite a nosy child), looked back across her shoulder
and in a BLINK was turned to rock; a little-girl-sized boulder.
Alas, my friend, there is a fact that really should be known,
one look from this, the gruesome Grob, will turn you into stone.

"Hink Haa" it cried, "this greedy girl will feed me for a week,"
Then chipped away a tasty snack: a finger and a cheek.
But then there came a mighty ROAR, a super massive sound,
a crashing, smashing, clashing noise that came from all around.

She saw it then, the mighty hole, a black and hungry shape,
a swirling, twirling, hurling mass from which there's no escape.
It tugged and pulled and sucked her down into its very core
and squished and squashed our little friend until she was no more.

Tallulah woke beneath a tree, the box upon her knees
and there inside, her favourite toy, old Raggy if you please.
"We fell asleep, we silly things." she hip-hoorayed with glee . . .
then peeped inside a rabbit hole to see what she could see.

Written by Corrinne Garstang Copyright © 2016 Corrinne Garstang. All Rights Reserved.


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